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sorrow,cry sorrow!
  for you

my darling

i donnot know wahat to say

and,i don not know how to say

just the movie by nikulasikaichi(?)is over

i am so touched

the guy own a little dream

that is to live a simple life with his pretty wife and daughter

but,he has a long way to go

lots of troubles to overcome

then,with the power of love,the trust of each other

they survive to the deadline.

he is a lucky guy,i admire him.

i see,wo still have a long way to go.

u understand few of me and i am too stubborn

but,i love u and i think u are the one

so,let's go together.

no matter what will happen ,thank u,my girl!


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  Post  by  laoliao 发表于 2006/11/17 21:04:00
  Re:for you
  yi(游客)but it seems strange and impossible that the two who don't understand each other can move on. so puzzling... and cannot but admit being disappointed of knowing so little
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  Post  by  yi(游客)发表评论于2006/11/18 0:39:00
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