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The new American Secretary of state Kerrey's first visit to Egypt by the people.

The new American Secretary of state Kerrey on the 2 day, 3 day of Egypt to start visit, he has met with Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr, President Mulsi of Egypt, some opposition leaders and representatives of non-governmental organizations. Although Kerrey has started to emphasize their to Egypt to intervention but not to listen, but many people in Egypt or hissing " meet " Kerrey: the United States support the Muslim Brotherhood, to pay for the current Fake Oakley Sunglasses chaos in egypt.

Kerrey 2 days after talks with Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr held a press conference, he said the Egyptian economic development assistance will help the United States of America, Egypt became a " successful economic democracy ", also said the United States will not interfere in internal affairs of egypt. Egyptian media as Kerrey was to make up: one is said to the Egyptian political process of transition of the solidarity and support, especially to bridge the differences between different political forces, Egypt's political life back on track as soon as possible; two is intended to boost the increasingly troubled, and economic development. However, looking from the actual effect, public opinion either the first or second goals, Kerrey did not realize.

In the political aspect, the Egyptian opposition refused to meet with Kerrey, this not only let Kerrey feel very embarrassed, but also led him to resolve the differences between the Egyptian government and the opposition hopes cannot implement. Fake Oakley In addition, even some opposition parties to the talks, Kerrey also did not buy the account, " all the Egyptians " party and other parties accused Kerrey of interference in Egypt's internal affairs, criticized the United States and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt now stand the political disputes, against the will of the people of egypt. " The Egyptian newspaper " 3 days of comments that, Kerrey met with some opposition leaders, not only to bridge the Egyptian political split it doesn't help the situation. Instead more intensified, Egypt domestic contradictions. Kerrey 2, said at a news conference to meet with representatives of non-governmental organizations and persons in charge of, this also let many Egyptians feel dissatisfied, because in many Egyptians, non-governmental organization is the United States of America to meddle in Egyptian affairs platform and tools. In the aspect of economy, a lot of people think that Kerrey called to support the Egyptian economy basically is an empty talk. The " news " said, Kerrey stressed that the United States of America 's help, but there is no specific measures, only principled position, such as the United States of America is called multinomial promotion American-Egyptian economic and trade cooperation scheme work, " this is in fact equivalent lip-service ".

" Egypt 3, news" website reported that, Kerrey had visited Egypt, is no stranger to Egypt and the Middle East, but as the highest officials in the United States Secretary of state that the United States diplomatic field visit is the first time, " Kerrey himself probably think of this trip for the United States of America in the Middle East foreign tuning means ". Reportedly, Kerrey from the former high-profile act ineffective lessons, is no longer the " freedom" and " democratic transformation " or similar words hang in mouth edge, so as not to cause resentment. But in front of the Egyptian Ministry of foreign affairs 2 days, 3 days or gathered a large number of demonstrators, Fake Oakleys they burned a photograph of Kerrey, expressed dissatisfaction with the United States to support the Muslim brotherhood.

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