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The United States Senate vote on the CIA director
mtt89060420 发表于 2013/3/2 9:50:00

The United States Senate vote on the CIA director excuse delay.

According to the American media reported in February 28th, the United States Senate Intelligence Committee in the White House has not been timely submit satisfactory confidential documents on the Fake Ray Bans grounds, to postpone Obama nominated Brennan as the director of the central intelligence agency members vote, will delay the vote until March 5th.

In February 28th, the United States Senate Intelligence Committee said, the Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) secretary nominee Brennan vote will be postponed to March 5th. After Fake Ray Ban the vote scheduled to be held in February 28th.

The Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Chandra Bliss said, Brennan's vote is expected to be held in March 5th. But he didn't have to postpone the further explanation. The analysis thinks, this is the intelligence committee with the White House declassified some top-secret files for the game. The Senate Intelligence Committee has asked the White House to Congress to open more the United States citizens about US drone attacks " base" organization and the Benghazi consulate attack information confidential documents.

Earlier, the United States Department of justice has exposed a secret document, the document for the United States citizens to participate in the " base" or related organization action level, authorized direct to make legitimate fatal action. This led to many members of Congress upon exposure of opposition, Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses intelligence committee asked the Obama administration on the detailed description of the relevant documents, submit. However, the White House has so far only allows the intelligence committee to review the 4 documents, to the other 7 members of the Senate for the memo. Therefore, as the " back", the Senate Intelligence Committee also repeatedly postponed to Brennan's vote.

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