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Mulberry Factory Shop clear profound and sunny sof
bagsaqq 发表于 2012/11/14 16:56:00

Home of the autumn, the day Brigitte as a mirror, Mulberry Factory Shop clear profound and sunny soft; Autumn wind breeze, comfortable shoo shooing, a body and mind are drunk; Autumn rain rarely, even if occasionally rain knocked window, also sleep sweet sound. Childhood we, caper in the fall, sunny sky, see that a ridge golden rice wave, in the rice thresher rumbling and villagers the laughter of lang, become the green coffees which grain full of rice, Mulberry Clutch Bags place the hills like rice ricks son.

See that no one with no flowers cotton bolls, the folks industrious hands picking, became the bags of soft scene, and processed into a warm bed quilt; Witness the pieces dyed green ink of sweet potato, the folks “full callus hands mining, into every family piles of” potato baby “, sweet and delicious sweet potato stem; Mulberry Daria Hobo Black Full of joy and delight will unconsciously in the face arbitrariness blossom.

In the field, from time to time in peasant clangorous voice; Hillside, blowing out into the red leaves, such as a butterfly, All kinds of wild fruit high up branch, guide the popular flowers in full bloom, Tall cedar dry and have a number of branches by green turn yellow, green once like loose hair needle for dry flying with the wind, the green jungle with color clothes. Mulberry Briefcase And the diffuse throughout the mountains of the withered twigs.

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