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Mulberry Outlet Store and at the same time brought
bagsaqq 发表于 2012/11/14 16:56:00

Although make us feel the cold breath, Mulberry Outlet Store and at the same time brought us great comfort, because this is what autumn gift we collect firewood the best resources. Memory, the hometown of paddy field is, rice harvest, the agricultural tax paid in grain paid little, and only late rice to warehouse, is true of human ration; Rice is not enough to eat, the earth dug out of the country’s sweet potato supplies, Mulberry Daria Hobo Grey is the best auxiliary food.

Autumn harvest is folks real hope, many fill not the belly people, and only in Jonquil, only then can real square meal. Remember the next door house of several cousin, each to this season, will increase fat many, because in the autumn harvest sweet potato is may enough to eat. At that time, my family, father, mother, Mulberry Handbags sister and me four people, the population is not much, plus parents thrifty.

no hungry belly of impression, but sweet potato or eat a lot. Sometimes, the mother will sweet potatoes cut into block, add some rice boiled together into a sweet potato rice; Sometimes, mother will evaporate a pot of sweet potato, with a bowl of install some rice in the steamer with steamed, and finish eat sweet potato, Mulberry Daria Hobo will give each points on one too flavor, glistening rice.

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