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GHD Sale Cheap rattan and rattan winding
bagsaqq 发表于 2012/11/15 14:18:00

Mostly to grow into a zhang to two cubits long, GHD Sale Cheap rattan and rattan winding, and neck, need to take a lot of strength to pull open, then plunge into a bundle of a bundle of pick home, hanging in the house before and after the roof to dry, so that the cold winter cattle are not run out of food, because the sweet potato stem is pig cow excellent feed.

The production team to dig sweet potato me to help little, take the field of sweet potato is my father and I, sister dig back together. Will potato vine cut after all, father and sister in the front dug up, and I will remove the potato mud, put them in full or in Yuan.In. Whenever dig the extra sweet potato, father and sister would be very surprised, pick up happy incessantly left see right to see, and then laughed. GHD Precious Gift Set White Sweet potato pick after coming home, first in ventilated place pile, let its accept pulp.

Then will sweet potato screening, part of the storage to the cellar, used to add winter food, leave some used for next year’s potato species; Part of the processed into sweet potato vermicelli, not only can be used to cook, also can be used to instead of rice; Part of the used to drying them into a wide variety of dried sweet potato, already can do snacks, can also at the right time to add to the pot, GHD Straighteners Cheap and rice together form our three meals a day of the staple food.

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