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Mulberry Outlet in my heart the world is wonderful
bagsaqq 发表于 2012/11/14 16:55:00

This one too rice, Mulberry Outlet in my heart, the world is wonderful, that aromatic sweet breath, in retrospect, still very tempting. Perhaps because when I was a child to eat too much sweet potato, so that this day no matter how sweet potato by the propaganda value have nutrition, whatever that street float out of the fragrance how attractive, Mulberry Daria Hobo Lime and never can not mention I eat sweet potato interest.

But those who and sweet and crisp Fried potato chips and soft and sweet ripe ShuaGan, still is my favorite. The Mid-Autumn festival, is also the whole autumn the most solemn a traditional festivals. Folks would lay down his hands busy farm work, buy moon cakes, do a hearty meal table, Mulberry Mens Bags in order to treat the family.

When I was a child, we can eat the moon cake, is that inside with a stiff Tang Xian outside, with surface grey bag, and sprinkle with a layer of thin sesame the hemp moon cakes, about a dollar money can buy ten, can now eating more than ten yuan, even a few yuan a moon cake, but how Mulberry Holdall also can not find back to childhood eating moon cakes sweet smell.

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