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ovine dung son GHD Sale of course is very common
bagsaqq 发表于 2012/11/13 14:55:00

Cow dung, ovine dung son GHD Sale of course is very common. But cattle and sheep are eating grass, from beginning to end from pure natural, so cow muck not smelly, but there is a kind of light is very clean grass incense. When I was a child in the mountain pasture cattle, we will be a few people steal dug another of the country’s sweet potato supplies, and then the mountains dig a pit.

Gathered a lot of dry cow dung, GHD Precious Gift Set and sweet potatoes to eat, very sweet very sweet, although the mouth and hands get dark, but still will raise head toward smile. Chicken and duck is the most common but it. Farming people also put their eggs as main supplements, actually at the time of course is very luxury.

However chicken excrement and duck shit is no cow muck clean, very smelly very smelly, so I’ll keep took Tommy lift son took them. Like looking at the sky clean the cloud, they don’t grey yellow. White clouds in the sky blue net color set off, the more the profile show clear, show all kinds of shapes, GHD Boho Chic Straighteners like cock ah, Pegasus ah, or is the panda and so on.

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