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Chavez cancer experience disclosed for the first t
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Chavez cancer experience disclosed for the first time last only work with iPad

Venezuelan President Chavez's funeral was over, 9 local time, the media quoted officials close to Chavez 's words to disclose his cancer and her final days in detail, thus the Dr. Chavez the truth finally gradually became known. From the disclosure is not difficult to see, Chavez is a man full of perseverance, very admire.

Her final weeks have not words

The ministers can only use iPad Report

After Chavez 's funeral, a government source told Reuters, Chavez's last weeks has actually not words, but also unable to eat or breathe, so we must rely on the straw to maintain his breath and life, and at the same time, when the cabinet ministers to the capital of Cuba, Havana and Caracas, Venezuela military hospital visit Chavez, " is to use tools such as iPad report, communicate, and wait for Chavez to answer ".

According to the sources said, to appoint a new foreign minister, in Venezuela's government officials have a list of candidates in a row, Chavez to one one to look over, and then let him make a choice. So, Chavez in Ellis Hawa ( Elias Jaua ) name hit tick off, finally signed the relevant documents of appointment, the new government 's foreign minister will have this.

The 4 times before and after operation

The last operation was in critical condition Cheap Oakleys

Chavez announced in 2011 that the cancer cells were found in the pelvic cavity, and after resection of the tumor, " baseball size " keep health foreign strictly confidential. He chose to Cuba to receive treatment, and the 4 operation, it is because he has a very good relationship with the former and current leader Castro brothers, plus Cuba has blocked all the news source, can ensure that his illness message does not have any leaks.

Medical sources, the first two times operation in 2011, the doctor cut Chavez intestinal tumor, but sarcoma and found in the psoas muscle below to pelvic spine. In December 11th last year, the last operation difficulty is the highest, up to 6 hours, the illness is not optimistic, Chavez even had a serious lung infection and bleeding during the operation, the pulse number of stops, reported by the emergency critically ill, recovered after signs of life.

Message personage points out, the day before Chavez's death, because the cancer cells to spread to the lungs, respiratory failure in a coma.

Need to take medications to appear in public

With amazing perseverance to complete to run for a second term

Although radiotherapy and chemotherapy can greatly alleviate his condition, so that Chavez could attend the 2012 October re-election, but Chavez needs to take a lot of drugs to campaign activities appeared in the field, and is in great pain and ran the last hard campaign.

In the election campaign last day trip, he also by the amazing perseverance in the pouring rain for several hours, but in the end, it does not hold any longer, had to cancel the last campaign. In October 7th of last year, in his election victory, and the subsequent public appearance a few times. However, a few weeks later he again flew to Cuba to accept treatment.

The last two days in in

The old president see nor

The last few days in his life, although a large number of supporters and opponents clamoring to see him, but Chavez just met the most intimate family and most trusted members of the cabinet, even his closest political ally, President Morales of Bolivia to Caracas to see him, to run ended. At this time, but his condition is very critical, may at any time to die.

In March 2nd, members of the cabinet has been accompanied by Chavez 5 hours late into the night. At this time, Chavez was actually a sudden turn for the worse, 4, fell in the state. On the same day, information and news minister released " Chavez deterioration " of the news, in order that people have thought preparation. Soon after, the local time 5 days afternoon four twenty-five died. Cheng Hanping

Venezuela's Wholesale Fake Ray Bans presidential election

Scheduled for April 14th

According to the Xinhua News Agency National Electoral Commission announced that 9, Venezuela will hold presidential elections in April 14th.

Venezuela President Hugo Chavez 5, died of illness, his state funeral ceremony was held on the morning of 8. Vice President Nicholas Maduro followed at a special session of Congress was sworn in as acting president, urged the National Electoral Commission " immediately " the organization of elections.

The national election committee held 9 meetings, then announced the election Fake Oakleys of a new president for the date, candidates of political parties must in March 10th and formally 11 days to submit their nomination.

Some analysts said the election, Maduro tends to faster. As Chavez's appointed successor, immediate elections help he " inherited " Chavez's support rate, so as to ensure he defeated opposition candidates. According to the Commission, the Supreme Court resolution 8, Maduro will participate in the presidential election as ruling United Socialist Party presidential candidate, without leaving.

The opposition may still be elected Enrique Capriles and Maduro competition. Last October's presidential election, he won 44.97% of the vote, and Chavez's support rate is about 10 percentage points.

The Wholesale Fake Ray Ban opposition of some sources said, about 30 opposition political groups have agreed to support his.

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