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South Korea held a security meeting with North Kor
mtt89060420 发表于 2013/3/8 15:12:00

South Korea Wholesale Fake Oakleys held a security meeting with North Korea unilaterally abolished the armistice agreement

In March 6, according to Yonhap news agency, Chong Wa Dae of Korea diplomatic security principal responsible person Fake Oakley Wholesale said 6 days, according to the Korea unilaterally announced the abolition of " truce agreement " and terminate the Panmunjom foreign exchange activities, the South Korean government is held in the National Security Council, to discuss measures to deal with.

The National Security Council this time held the national institutions under the constitution, the president President, Prime Minister and foreign, unified, defense official, who served as a member of the National Intelligence Director and chief secretary, Wholesale Fake Oakley national security. The responsible person said, President Pu Jinhui will not attend the meeting, the meeting will be to keep a low profile and formulate practical and effective measures to deal with North korea.

The responsible person said, the UN Security Council passed a draft resolution on sanctions, predicts that the Christian Louboutin Outlet north will be made more explicit statement.

Reports say North Korea, director, general investigation the hawkish Jin Yingzhe 5 released about repealing the " truce agreement " the spokesman said.

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