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Syria said the opposition has control of the Syria
mtt89060420 发表于 2013/2/28 14:59:00

Syria said the opposition has control of the Syrian abandoned nuclear reactor Fake Ray Ban

According to the British Reuters reported in Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses February 24th, 24 of Syria's opposition news release, they have control of the Israeli warplanes destroyed in six years ago, is located in the Euphrates river bottom nuclear reactor.

Reported that, in 2007 when Israel on the west of Syria City, about 60 km of the Fake Ray Bans Al Kuball attack, this place into the international spotlight. The United Nations says, this building is designed to make weapons from North Korea 's nuclear reactor.

The free Syria army Eastern commander of the United spokesman said, the only building the opposition found in Al cubal sites is a hangar, which at least a Scud missile. " Although the structure has been destroyed, but it looks like a Scud missile base. " The spokesman said. He also said, before the opposition troops occupied the area, three helicopters have been will Bashar finally wave forces in the ground from.

According to reports, the Israeli attacks, the Syria military control of the area, and said the facility is only a conventional military facilities, but the Syria authorities refuse to give the International Atomic Energy Agency for the facility's unrestricted access.

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