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michael kors outlet 98754042
fedderal103 发表于 2013/1/29 21:30:00
Reporter survey found that the same brand type of contact lenses, online price and normal optical shop price often differ greatly. The personage inside course of study says, in the market artificial South Korea beautiful pupil glasses not qualified rate of more than 50%. According to the set up shop on the net sale in South Korea color contact lenses have several years   Paul Smith London Sale  of the minor introduces, at present in the online sale South Korea  http://www.buyraybanwayfarer.co.uk  "beautiful pupil" generally has two kinds: one kind is South Korea this brand manufacturers produce products, another is to domestic counterfeit products. The former the original product is not through the normal way to enter the Chinese market, is also commonly known as the "gray", often cheaper than optical shop around 40%. "Absolutely" general price is in 130 yuan to 180 yuan, new to monogram 180 yuan "high", 100 yuan of the following very cheap "beautiful pupil" are generally shoddy goods or domestic, which  Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer  can be regarded as a fake. The minor also said, now fake packaging has come to the point where they are, just by looking at it is difficult to distinguish the true and false, only wear the use, can not  through the eyes have to distinguish true and false. Also according to the state administration of quality supervision, check results show that, the contact lenses on the market of domestic in more than 50%, and there are illegal businessmen will shoddy, put some has expired glasses into new bottles, repackaging sale. Sichuan food and drug supervision bureau introduced related personnel, according to the national medical equipment classification management directory, contact lenses  cheap ugg boots sale   of three types of medical equipment, high degree of risk is the special  cheap oakley radar  product, the country to contact lenses production has the strict implementation of the medical device manufacturing license system, but in the business circulation link not yet implemented medical equipment license management, cause contact lenses and bad are intermingled of market, fake and inferior commodities often meet consumer complaints. Chengdu a optical shop staff told reporters that normal shop sales colored contact lenses from manufacturers formal introduction, after   Michael Kors Outlet quality inspection qualified products. On the market some unqualified products mainly exist lens dehiscence, mirror blister and quality problem, so the  Cheap Ugg Boots UK  user to wear the contact lenses can lead to eye discomfort after. According to its say, on market now some bad contact lenses, glasses the pigment in the part of even color fading, remain in the user's  cheap oakley uk  eye, the eye in damage. Especially meet one hundred yuan of the following "beautiful pupil", more should be vigilant. Buy "beautiful pupil" better to normal optician.related articals:michael kors outlet 98754041

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