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Mulberry Outlet condensation in the sad words betw
bagsaqq 发表于 2012/11/17 14:25:00

Quiet night, moonlight flowing water, Mulberry Outlet condensation in the sad words between, the precipitation in memory, floating in coil mind, wipe not to yesterday that light is good, can only send sadness in remote words take long or mind, tease seemingly calm Xingu Enron. The line of sight disappeared place, a damp, appearing warm. For a long time do not sad, but it is not happy. Happy wind gone, sadness already common.Write broken innumerable time song lingering, is so soft and sentimental.

Live in an open world, it seems, Mulberry Purses I have forgotten for a long time, ease in this lonely city, one day, will see through the shackles of secular. Years such as sand forever free walk, we don’t hold tight, also do not leave. Time let the deep things further, let shallow things shallow. Slowly from side to passing non-trace, litter the youth always, leave hard eyes pale, drops of tears world of mortals.

Shining star recounting premotions to feel endless lonely, Mulberry Leather Handbags Earth Black imagine under the moon and flowers its moments of beauty, imagine the moonlight shadow such as hook Die Wu lightly, henceforth no longer you, eyes tender you, the heart immersed in to Jane to beautiful dreams, figure mottle waning, total thousand, amorous feelings, also just phase pity, as early as white as ink black hair, negative the youth. The world is still, the past is difficult to look back, the memory as yesterday’s dream, precipitation in time sends out a light faint sadness, Mulberry Discount Shop waking up how many deep sleep sadness.

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